Apollo Kinas Panevėžys

About Apollo Kinas Panevėžys

In August 2019, we opened the doors of our first cinema in Panevėžys, Lithuania. From the very first minute, we were determined to give every guest a great experience every time they visit us, which is why we are constantly innovating and improving our operations. This is why our cinema and customer service are so highly appreciated by the residents and visitors of Panevėžys.

Apollo Kinas in Panevėžys has become a high-quality standard and a traditional leisure destination for everyone from families to seniors, from cinema gourmets to action-hungry, comic book movie fans. It is a welcome place for those who want to travel around the world from the most modern cinema in Lithuania, to experience blood-tingling adventures, and see unseen corners of the universe. It is a combination of state-of-the-art technology and the best professionals in their field, creating a space for everyone's taste.

We are proud to offer the best cinema feel, the most advanced technology, and the widest choice of cinematic experiences, which are not limited to everyday cinema screenings but are also available to visitors for special experiences during special screenings or events.

State-of-the-art technology in every room

Apollo Kinas in Panevėžys invites the audience not to watch films, but to experience them with their whole body. Here, films become a special occasion and a constant surprising new experience, with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

All cinemas are equipped with the latest 4K RGB laser projectors. These are some of the world's finest cinema projectors and have won numerous global awards for their ultra-high quality, stunning image resolution, ultra-high contrast lenses, and color reproduction. There is no doubt that projectors alone, no matter how good they are, are not enough. All the auditoriums are equipped with brand new HiWhite cinema screens from Harkness, which help to make the image from the projectors even better.

The Apollo Kinas in Panevėžys is also inseparable from the best sound. The acoustics and sound system have been specially designed by one of Sweden's top acoustics laboratories, and every auditorium, regardless of its size, is equipped with a 7.1 sound system that allows you to feel even the slightest vibration in the air. Finally, when all is said and done, the audience finally has the chance to see the film exactly as the filmmakers want it.

Comfort that makes you feel at home

Club seats – These are extremely comfortable chairs designed specifically for cinemas, creating extreme comfort even without any additional accessories. Every Apollo cinema-goer is already a member of our club, and we give every member our utmost attention, including a comfortable time in the cinema with like-minded people. Each chair is separated by armrests and has a drinks holder.

Double seats – Whatever the film, the emotions can be felt even more strongly when two people are sitting in chairs. Whether it's snuggling up warmly during a romantic drama or digging your nails into another's arm during a blood-curdling horror film, comfortable chairs with adjustable armrests between the chairs can help you do it all.

Star seats – Want to know what it's like to spend time in first class? Imagine that comfort, with ultra-comfortable and heated seats, adjustable backrests and a completely separate space. And you don't even have to queue for snacks and refreshments, they can be ordered directly to your seat with the help of built-in tablets. The best part - you don't have to leave your seat and miss out on the best moments of the movie.

Food and beverage service throughout the screening

„Apollo Kinas Panevėžys“ has set up "StarSeats" in each auditorium. Not only will you feel maximum comfort while watching the films, but you will also be able to order cinema snacks and drinks throughout the screening. Staff will deliver your order directly to your seats. This way, you'll avoid queues and enjoy your movies like a true movie star.

Important! You can order food and snacks from CanCan until 20.30 on all days of the week.

Always be first in line at self-service checkouts

We all know that queuing for tickets is a real waste of time, which is why the Apollo Kinas in Panevėžys has installed self-service ticket counters that have significantly reduced waiting times. And shorter waiting times give you more time to choose from a wide range of snacks, sweets, and drinks.

Space to discuss your experiences

If you have more time before the movie, or if you want to share your excitement and experiences after a very emotional film, we are waiting for you in the ApolloStar bar, located on the second floor of the cinema. For Apollo cinema-goers, ApolloStar has become a tradition and a place where we can passionately discuss the details of the film while enjoying a cup of coffee or a cocktail that is as intoxicating as the film itself. During the day, this space is well used by the little Apollo cinema-goers, who have fun celebrating their birthday in this world of magic. Finally, even if you don't feel like debating, a good game of pool will help you relax after a tense action or horror film.

Private screenings and events

The Apollo Kinas in Panevėžys is the perfect venue for corporate events, festivals, and other types of gatherings. It is an unusual space where you can organize not only film screenings, but also presentations, seminars, and other activities. All you have to do is express your wish and we will help you make it happen.

Private events

Gift the movie!

Apollo Cinema gift tickets are more than just movie tickets. It's the gift of a journey to uncharted worlds, fantastic adventures, and unforgettable experiences. Give the gift of a flight to the stars with Apollo Cinema! One gift ticket can be exchanged for one movie ticket.

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Ticket prices

  • Monday - Friday
    until 16:59

    Monday - Thursday
    from 17:00

  • Ticket price for

    2D movies
    6,99 €
    Regular price 6,66 €
    2D movies
    7,19 €
    Regular price 7.21 €
  • Student ticket
    for Apollo Club members

    2D movies
    5,99 €
    Standartinė kaina 6,66 €
    2D movies
    6,49 €
    Standartinė kaina 7,21 €
  • Family ticket / Children
    (up to 12 y/o)

    2D movies
    4,49 €
    2D movies
    4.99 €
  • Ticket with discount
    (with a senior citizen's or disabled person's certificate)

    2D movies
    4,99 €
    2D movies
    6,99 €
  • IMPORTANT! Tickets for "Star" seats are only available to Apollo Club members.
  • Apollo Club members receive a 10% discount on tickets. Discount does not apply to children's tickets, special events, and tickets with already applied discounts.
  • Apollo Club members are identified at the ticket office with their personal QR code. You can join the Apollo Club free of charge here: Registration
  • You can only buy a discounted ticket at the box office by presenting proof of discount (senior citizen or disabled person's card). If the ticket is purchased online, you will have to show the document at the entrance to the hall. If you do not show your ID, you will not be allowed to enter the hall.
  • In the case of age-restricted screenings, you may be required to show photo proof of age at the time of purchase and upon entry. Without proof of age, you will not be admitted to the auditorium.
  • For films with age restrictions N13, N16, and N18, tickets are only available to persons over this age with a valid identity document. Audiences under the age of 13 are only admitted to N13 screenings with an accompanying person. For more information on age restrictions, please see Age limits.
  • Both cinema-goers must purchase a ticket to be seated in a double seat.
  • Wheelchair users can enter the cinema free of charge. If a customer wants to sit in a chair in the cinema, he/she must buy a ticket. Wheelchair-accessible films are available in all auditoriums. There is no wheelchair seating in the special chairs section.
  • Children under 3 years of age who sit on their parent's lap during the screening can enter the cinema free of charge.
  • Apollo Cinema reserves the right to change ticket prices, showtimes, and age limits without prior notice.

Contacts and location

Opening hours:

The cinema open before the first screening, but no earlier than 10 am. The cinema closes 15 minutes after the start of the last screening of the day.

Customer service:

For any questions, please contact info@apollokinas.lt

Monday - Friday 10:00-17:00, closed on weekends and public holidays.

If you have any urgent questions outside the opening hours of the Customer Service Centre, you are welcome to visit the staff at the cinema, who will answer any questions or help you with any problems you may have.

We are located at: Apollo Kinas Panevėžys, PC Babilonas, Klaipėdos str. 143A, Panevėžys.