Educational film catalog

The movies listed below are currently not included in the general schedule. These movies introduce students to various cultural, natural, social and other topics. Screenings are held at a time convenient for teachers and children, which can be reserved by filling in the reservation form. A private screening can be reserved for a group of at least 20 students.

Kina & Yuk

The adventure following two foxes who are preparing to become parents for the first time at a time when global warming is altering the rules for everyone.

Fields of education: social education, biology, ecology, class hour, general competencies.


Autumn and the Black Jaguar

Grown up in the Amazon rainforest, Autumn lives with Hope, the cute baby jaguar she adopted. However, a circumstance forces Autumn to return to New York. Autumn goes back into the jungle to save Hope from grave danger.

Fields of education: social education, class hour, general competencies.


Giants of la Mancha

"Giants of La Mancha" is an extraordinary and adventurous journey for the whole family, following 11-year-old Alfonso, heir to Don Quixote, and his three imaginary rabbits, which are joined by Pancho and Victoria. With their power of friendship, they save their beloved hometown somewhere in La Mancha from a huge storm.. They dream the impossible dream, overcome their fears, and use their imagination to find the real force behind the storm.

Fields of education: social education, class hour, general competencies.



The storyline begins with Muza's childhood in the grip of the Soviet occupation regime. After winning the Liszt-Bartok International Piano Competition in Budapest, Muza starts receiving invitations to perform at Europe's foremost concert halls, but, alas, the Iron Curtain descends and she is no longer allowed to go abroad. Muza finally gets her chance in 1989 when the Soviet Union begins to collapse. Hard work eventually brings international recognition. The film depicts Muza's renewed battle with isolation as she is once again not fully able to perform due to the pandemic.

Fields of education: music, psychology, general competences.


One life

The true story of Sir Nicholas 'Nicky' Winton, a young London broker who, in the months leading up to World War II, rescued 669 predominantly Jewish children from the Nazis. Nicky visited Prague in December 1938 and found families who had fled the rise of the Nazis in Germany and Austria, living in desperate conditions with little or no shelter and food, and under threat of Nazi invasion. He immediately realized it was a race against time. How many children could he and the team rescue before the borders closed? Fifty years later, it's 1988 and Nicky lives haunted by the fate of the children he wasn't able to bring to safety in England; always blaming himself for not doing more. It's not until a live BBC television show, 'That's Life', surprises him by introducing him to some surviving children - now adults - that he finally begins to come to terms with the guilt and grief he had carried for five decades.

Fields of education: history, psychology, general competences.


Thabo and the Rhino Case

Eleven year old Thabo aspires to be a private detective, if only his home, the small African village, was not the most peaceful Savannah paradise. But things take a sudden turn when a rhino is murdered in the safari park because of its horn.

Fields of education: social education, class hour, general competencies.



Periodical is an eye-opening documentary that examines science, politics, and mystery of the menstrual cycle, through the experiences of doctors, athletes, movie stars, journalists, activists, and everyday people.

Fields of education: biology, sex education, class hour, general competencies.



After the collapse of Earth's ecosystem, Vesper, a 13-year-old girl struggling to survive with her paralyzed father, meets a woman with a secret who will force her to use her wits, strengths and bio-hacking abilities to fight for the possibility of having a future.

Fields of education: social education, biology, psychology, ecology, general competencies.


White bird

In R. J. Palacio's bestselling collection of stories Auggie and Me, which expands on characters in Wonder, readers were introduced to Julian's grandmother, Grandmère. Here, Palacio makes her graphic novel debut with Grandmère's heartrending story: how she, a young Jewish girl, was hidden by a family in a Nazi-occupied French village during World War II; how the boy she and her classmates once shunned became her savior and best friend.

Fields of education: history, ethics, general competencies.


Row Atlantic

A Lithuanian rows solo across the Atlantic Ocean for 8,500km in a small boat, commemorating pilots who attempted the journey 90 years prior. Despite intense preparation, he faces immense challenges crossing alone.

Fields of education: social education, psychology, ecology, general competencies.


Butterfly’s Heart

  • This is the story of a ten-year-old boy named Juozapas, who is one in a million because he was born with his heart outside of his chest and survived. Juozapas avoids interaction with children, the center of his world is an old, deserted manor house and the insects he is raising there. His peace is disturbed when same-age girl Rugile moves to the town and it's time to go to school. After sharing various experiences, they gradually become friends.

Fields of education: ethics, psychology, general competencies.


Tiger's Nest

A live-action fantasy adventure film set in the tropical forests of Himalayas.

Fields of education: moral education, general competencies.



On the Italian Riviera, an unlikely but strong friendship grows between a human being and a sea monster disguised as a human.

Fields of education: ethics, moral education, artistic education, general competencies.


Belle et Sébastien: Nouvelle génération

10-year-old Sebastien reluctantly spends his vacation in the mountains with his grandmother and aunt. Helping them with the sheep is hardly an exciting prospect for a city boy like him - but that is without considering his encounter with Belle, a huge dog mistreated by her owner. Ready to do anything to fight injustice and to protect his new-found friend, Sebastien will spend the craziest summer of his life.

Fields of education:  biology, social education, general competencies.


The Young Chief Winnetou

Winnetou's tribe is in dire straits. There is a threat of famine as the all-important buffalo herds are now failing. As the headman's son, young Winnetou wants to prove to his father Intschu-chuna how brave he is and how great a warrior he can be, because he thinks his son still has a lot to learn. To save his tribe, he goes on a dangerous adventure.

Fields of education:  moral education, artistic education, general competencies.